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Blue Ocean is a full-service consulting agency and can assist your campaign from start to finish. Our agency is a one stop shop to help you from your launch to election day and beyond. Please contact us for a proposal today! 

Digital Strategy, Field Operations, Online Fundraising, Branding and more!

Run. Win. Lead

Working to turn Texas BLUE!


What separates BOSS from other consulting agencies? Boss's mission is to change politics as usual by running positive and clean campaigns, remaining issues focused and highlighting the strengths of our candidates, not the weaknesses of their opponents. BOSS wants to not only help you run and win, but we can also help you become a successful elected official by providing consulting services when you win. Run.Win.Lead

United By A Common Goal


Progressive candidates need assistance to run effective campaigns. That's where Blue Ocean comes in. We can help you from your launch to Election Day.

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